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August 29, 2010

This study was a collaboration between Universiti Malaysia Terengganu and Aquaria, KLCC. In 2006, we sent few hawksbill hatchlings aged 1 day to be raised at Aquaria, KLCC. Now aged 4 years, Duke Aziz, Myrtle Adie and Myrine were flew back to Redang Island (transportation sponsored by Berjaya Air). We kept them for two days in Chagar Hutang and finally on the 28 August 2010, all three turtles were released back to the ocean. Duke Aziz and Myrtle Adie were satellite tagged before releasing them, so that we will know their movements and as well as their diving behaviours. Satellite tags were sponsored by The Body Shop Foundation and Universiti Malaysia Terengganu. This is a pioneer study in order to learn the effectiveness of keeping hawksbill hatchlings in captivity, or known as headstarting program. This was also the first satellite telemetry study ever conducted for juvenile hawksbill turtles in Malaysia. Their faith is still unknown. Can they find their own food in the wild? Can they find their way to the feeding ground?

Their journey will be mapped and will be updated daily on our website. You can find all these information in three days time.

The arrival of  turtles in Chagar Hutang

The deployment of the transmitter on Duke Aziz

Tracking for freedom!

Myrtle into the new frontier

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