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UMT Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity & Conservation) visits Chagar Hutang

March 6, 2011

Third year students of UMT Bachelor of Applied Science (Biodiversity & Conservation) were given opportunity to experience first hand on sea turtle conservation done by SEATRU. The 3 days 2 nights field trip which was held from 3rd till 5th of March 2011 focuses on marine conservation and environmental issues. This program  was participated by 38 students.

The field trip was one of the syllabusss for the course Marine Biodiversity and Conservation under the supervision of Dr. Juanita Joseph. Throughout the stay students were taught on how to conduct a nest excavation and analysis, patrolling for turtles at night, measuring and tagging sea turtles, coastal clean up (consisting of wash up trash and tar balls) and a site visit at tourism spots in Redang to understand how tourism affects the environment and ecosystem.

Besides that, students were able to snorkel in front of Chagar Hutang bay to identify different marine species. This field trip truly had reached out to the students to be more responsible towards the marine environment as well as the biodiversities surrounding them. It is hope that in future the students are able to show stewardship in protecting the blue planet. Together we care for our sea turtles and marine environment!

Clockwise (a) Getting ready to Redang from Teluk Pasu; (b) Boat transfer to Chagar Hutang Beach; (c) Onsite briefing by Dr. Juanita Joseph

Beach clean up and segregating the wash up trash

BBQ at night

Nest excavation and analysis

Tar ball clean up led by Dr. Juanita and the amount of tar balls collected from Chagar Hutang 

A site visit to a tourism spot in Redang

Quiz on the island

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