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31st Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology & Conservation

April 17, 2011

This year 31st Annual Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation was held at The Town and Country Resort, San Diego, California. The 5 days symposium was from the 12th till 16th April 2011 with the theme The Next Generation of Research and Conservation. This symposium was different from the past symposium as it recognise and support student contributions to the society and also to highlight how students have advanced research and conservation on sea turtles around the world. A student day was organised on the 13th April followed by a student mixer later in the evening where students from all continents were able to exchange idea and create international network. This year keynote presenters were Peter C.H. Pritchard and Karen A. Bjornal who touches the heart of the audiences by their very motivating presentations. The symposium was divided into two parts that is oral presentation and poster presentation sessions.

Two oral presentations were presented during the symposium under the Threats and Population Assessment sessions, which are:

1. “Determination of Natal Origins of Juvenile Green Turtles foraging at Sipadan waters, Sabah, Malaysia” by Dr. Juanita Joseph

2. “Genetics investigation on Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas) carcasses from the 2007 Poching Incidence in Sabah Waters” by Chong Yee Kuen

Three poster presentations were presented under the  Health and Rehabilitation, Breeding Biology and Threats sessions, which are:

1. ” How do captive-raised Hawksbill Turtles perform when released back to the wild?” by Assoc. Prof. Liew Hock Chark

2. “Malaysian Green Turtle Eggs: A shocking discovery on toxic heavy metals and saturated fatty acids composition” by Siti Norazliyana Ali

3. “Sea Turtle Conservation Program at Chagar Hutang Beach, Redang Island, Malaysia” by Lionel Harith Sebastian Daraup

Dr. Juanita presenting during the population assessment session on the 16th April 2011

Chong Yee Kuen talking about the Hainan Poaching Incidence through genetic analysis on the 13th April 2011

Yana Ali and Lionel Harith  presenting during the poster presentation

A group photo with the beloved Dr. Karen Eckert

This symposium truly exceeded our expectations and everyone really enjoyed themselves throughout the symposium. Thank you so much to Univesiti Malaysia Terengganu for letting us to attend this symposium and also not forgetting Sea Turtle Research Unit (SEATRU) for the support on our project. A special thanks to the 31st Sea Turtle Symposium for the grants.


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