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SETIU Wetland Research Station


The Setiu Wetland Research Station was proposed in 2001. By 2002, a temporary station was constructed with an area of 1.080ha (Lot PT. 4310, Kawasan Gong Batu). This research station was then gazette and approved by the Setiu Land and Survey office on 9th September 2002.

Setiu Wetland had been a place of interest for researchers and lecturers who are involved with ecological, mangrove flora and fauna, fishes and invertebrate study. Besides, it also serves as a training field area for students from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

By having a research station at Setiu Wetland, it encourages research activities to be conducted at the area hence, improving the sosio-economic for the local community.

Setiu Wetland Research Station generates the “Research Culture” among the people of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu.

Main attractions

Setiu Wetland is located at a lagoon with diverse species of greenery mangroves making it a suitable spot for research. The diversity of ecosystem provides suitable place for researchers and students to conduct surveys and research on the flora and fauna of the lagoon itself.

Basic facilities

  • 2 cabins (equipped with labs)
  • Electricity and water supply
  • An open space in front of the cabins suitable for talks and handling rough samples
  • Cabins are surrounded by fence for better security
  • 1 unit of freezer and refrigerator

The Setiu Wetland Research Station is opened for researchers and students from local/international university, governments/private companies, NGOs and etc.

For more information, please contact Dr. Juanita Joseph at OR Mr. Subarjo at

Setiu Wetland Usage for 2011


Date Agency/ Group/ Lecturer Research/Activity No. of visitors

Officer in charge


21/2 – 25/2/2011 Jabatan Perhilitan Negeri Pahang Kajian bancian populasi kera (Macaca fasciculari) di saerah Setiu & Besut, Terengganu 17

Mr. Mohd Edinoor Anuar Sukami

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