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The pre-registration for Volunteer Program 2012 will only be opened on 1st  Feb 2012. For details on the program, please read the Volunteer Handbook (PDF). We do not accept any bookings before 1st Feb 2012. However, we do offer priority bookings that will be from 8th January 2012 until 15th January 2012.

To book a slot, check its availability by clicking here, then send an email to to book the slot. Please state your full name, IC/passport number, nationality, occupation and your email address (if you are helping friends to book). Once you see your name appear on the pre-registration column on the Volunteer Program schedule, you will be given 2 weeks to confirm your booking by making a pre-payment of RM300 and returning the completed Registration Form (PDF) to us.

Foreigners are required to pay the full amount of USD300 (USD200 for students) as their pre-payment. As for priority bookings an extra of USD50  will be charged. If you fail to confirm your booking within 2 weeks, your name will be removed to give others the chance to come. If you have made your pre-payment but are unable to come, please make it a point to let us know in advance. Please note that the pre-payment made is not refundable.

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