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The work involved is very similar to work carried out in many sea turtle conservation programs throughout the world. The activities are:

Night activities

  1. Hourly beach patrols at night to locate and record all turtle arrivals
  2. Monitoring nesting activities and timing the various stages of nesting
  3. Tagging and measuring turtles after they have completed the egg laying process
  4. Marking of nests
  5. Recording all necessary data
  6. Monitoring of hatchling emergence

Day time activities

  1. Marking and measuring the location of nests deposited the night before
  2. Covering nests with protective netlon mesh and maintaining them
  3. Hourly beach patrols to monitor nests under incubator
  4. Excavation of hatched nests and analysis of nest contents
  5. Beach clean-ups
  6. Ensure tourists do not land on Chagar Hutang
  7. Ensure all snorkelers and divers leave Turtle Bay by 3:00 PM
  8. Assist in cooking, housekeeping and other chores
  9. Assist in other research, outreach and conservation activities of SEATRU

Other activities:

  • Round island trip with stops at appropriate snorkeling sites (this may depends on the weather condition)
  • Turtle Rock Hike (guided)
  • Upriver hike (unguided)
  • Jungle tracking (unguided)
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