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Determination of Sea Turtles Stocks at Feeding Ground Throughout Malaysian Waters

Poaching of sea turtles at feeding ground around Malaysian waters had become one of the worrying threats for sea turtles. Because of that, in 2008 we came up with a research proposal to identify sea turtles populations at feeding ground. In 2009, the Ministry of Higher education had granted a fund to conduct this research.

This research aimed to identify feeding grounds in Malaysia and to identify the turtle stocks occupying each area using molecular DNA techniques. It is hoped by identifying turtles at feeding grounds, we can determined which breeding populations are affected by commercial fisheries and poaching activities.

The turtles were tagged, measured and examined for any injuries and ectoparasites before releasing them to the water.  We tagged the sea turtles at feeding ground not only for identification, but as well as for long term observation and monitoring.


Turtle data at each sampling site


Sampling throughout Redang Island, Bidong Island, Tanjung Tuan, Johor and west coast of Sabah and Sarawak will be conducted until the end of 2010.




Were would like to give the grateful thanks to Sabah Parks, Department of Fisheries Sabah, Department of Marine Park Malaysia,  Laguna Redang Island Resort, Berjaya Redang Island Resort and Borneo Marine Research Institute of UMS, that they were partly sponsored this project.

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